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01 072016
Chery Tiggo 5 Won Championship in 2016 COC First Station Days ago, China Offroad Championship finalized its first station in Nanxi of Sichuan Province. 22 teams from all over China, 68 cars took part in the first competition after the new system was adopted, considerably improving the attractiveness of the event. In the first-stop race, Chery Tiggo fleet, thanks to its excellent sports gene and wonderful performance, won the first championship in COC Gasoline Cars Team after the new system was adopted. 13 China Offroad Championship, or COC, is the A-class professional event in China hosted by Federation of Automobile Sports of the People’s Republic of China. The most attractive event functions as a stage for major manufacturers to showcase performance of their products. As an offroad event, it has strict regulations on racing cars, requiring the wheelbase and front/rear suspensions should not have more than 15% modification. In addition to the original configuration, no racing cars should be equipped with extra turbocharger. As a result, it has high requirements for performance of original vehicles. 14 15 16 In the track competition where there were many withdrawals, Chery Tiggo fleet made exceptional performance and won championship in the COC Gasoline Cars Team. Even more, Tiggo 5 fleet presented wonderful results in 11 obstacle competitions such as drifting turn, tyre road, water-pit section, flying platform and special obstacles, proving it is the king in COC with overwhelming leading performance. 17 By attending the racing competitions, Chery Tiggo has shown the exceptional offroad performance. Car racing has been a sport for young people. Drivers need to have excellent driving ability. The excellent performance and born sport gene of Tiggo 5 are also very important. In recent years, Chery has been active to compete in car race, which constitutes an important support for the brand image for young people. This year, Chery Tiggo brand will continue to present the positive energy featuring aggression, diligence and youth on COC as a platform. 18 Tiggo 5, a representative of Tiggo brand, has wonderful fame among users because of its excellent quality. Its performance fully satisfies young consumers’ needs for control. With wonderful performance, exceptional power, control and trafficability, Tiggo has solid foundation. Since first competing in COC in 2012, Tiggo fleet has won the first or second place for many times in station or for the year. Its superior strength and stable results have made the fleet famous in COC. Today, the Chery Tiggo fleet has become the pride of many fans. Nanxi station in Sichuan was just the start of 2016 COC. After the new rules were adopted in the new season, the competition would become more attractive. Let’s wait and see whether the fleet can maintain its original momentum in the following competitions.
08 062016
Evolution of 5th-generation Tiggo 3: Classics Are Always There Though Time Has Changed Today, many SUV models are available in the Chinese market, which was actually initiated by Chery Tiggo, the first SUV model of Chery launched in 2005, kicking off the era of Chinese SUV brands. In 10 years of time, it has made many achievements. Sold to more than 80 countries and regions, the total sales volume has exceeded 1 million units, creating wonderful fame among users. Till today, Tiggo has always been the No. 1 exported Chinese SUV brand. After the 4 generations, Tiggo has seen its 5th-generation model, the New Tiggo 3 in the Chery Strategy 2.0 Era. What changes can be seen in Tiggo 3? Let’s see how the classic SUV has evolved. 1st-generation Tiggo 3 – the 1st Chinese SUV model On March 22, 2005, Tiggo was launched in Beijing, kicking off the 10-year history of Tiggo till today, which became the sole city SUV of Chinese brand at that time. Its birth also marked the start of Chery changing its brand image. 04 Chery Tiggo 2.4L 2-wheel drive luxury model launched in 2005 In its early stage, Tiggo adopted the stylish and dynamic design in a bold and innovative way. It employed 2.0L and 2.4L naturally aspirated engine equipped with 5MT transmission. As the first Chinese SUV model, Tiggo attracted great attention from industry insiders and consumers in design, performance and price, etc. More importantly, its performance won greater recognition after its launch into the market. Positioned as a city SUV for leisure, it quickly became a very popular model among all Chinese SUV models. 2nd-generation Tiggo 3 – Tiggo 2009 After the new-generation Tiggo 3 was launched into the market, the Chinese SUV pioneer has been marching forward robustly. After 2-year efforts, Chery launched Tiggo 2009, the 2nd-generation Tiggo 3 of Chery in 2008. The new generation offered more choices in powertrain. Adopting 1.6L, 1.8L and 2.0L engines, it provided 4AMT transmission. The new engine helped Tiggo considerably improve its fuel economy. At the same time, the AT transmission ensured Tiggo was welcomed by more users. In the same year, Tiggo DR European version was launched in the market, which reached EU standards and became the first Chinese SUV in European market. In 2010, Tiggo Master and Tiggo Elite were launched in the market. Tiggo series experienced evolution of three models, namely, Tiggo Classics, Tiggo DR Europe and Tiggo Elite. 05 2nd-generation Tiggo 3 2009 06 Interior trimming of Tiggo 2009 It is worth noting that Tiggo has won a lot of Chinese and overseas recognition in recent years. In 2006, Tiggo became the escort vehicle for national flag-raising ceremony. In the same year, it was launched in Italy, winning more than 50 European certifications such as WVTA, marking its entry into EU market. In 2008, 39 Tiggo premium escort vehicles were seen in 2008 Beijing Olympics. In 2009, Tiggo became the sole designated official vehicle of Sudirman Cup competition. In the same year, it became the sole designated official vehicle of China Masters and China Open. Its fame and branding have been considerably improved, with its consumer awareness greatly upgraded. 3rd-generation Tiggo 3 – Tiggo 2012 In 2012, Tiggo embraced greater changes. Abandoning the round and lovely appearance seen in the previous models, the new generation had brand-new head. At the same time, interior trim adopted new designs, making the model more urban. At the same time, Chery Tiggo 2012 was equipped with CVT with independent intellectual property rights. This was the first time for a Chinese mainstream SUV model to be equipped with CVT, bringing the drive & ride comfort and sexiness unmatched by traditional AT models. At the same time, it ended the long-term monopoly by joint-venture SUV models in market segment of CVT while bringing more choices for consumers. The premium DVVT+CVT powertrain in Tiggo 2012 was developed in 8 years, costing several billions yuan and winning 41 invention patents. The prominent advantages of 1.6DVVT engine, featured by high power and torque, and low fuel consumption, low emission and low maintenance cost, have placed the engine in the Top 10 Engines in China. Even more, the 6.7L composite fuel consumption/100km has also placed 1.6DVVT MT model into the catalog of energy-saving vehicles in the Program of Energy-saving Products for Benefit of People (Batch No. 8). Tiggo 3 was also the first and sole SUV that enjoyed energy-saving subsidy in the Chinese market at that time. 08 Tiggo 2012 whose appearance was refitted slightly 09 Interior trim was upgraded in Tiggo 2012 In 2012, Chery Tiggo Fleet was established, which started to run in COC in 2013 and won 2 championships in a row. It has become a powerful and young fleet on the COC field, which helps more consumers see the exceptional offroad performance of Tiggo models. 4th-generation Tiggo 3 – Tiggo 3 2014 The new Tiggo 3 was launched in 2014. Compared with previous models, the new one had greater changes in appearance, making it look more like a modern city SUV. The body adopted more angular design elements, making the appearance look younger and more stylish. Besides, it maintained the lovely hanging tyre structure. Compared with the previous Tiggo 3 models, Tiggo 3 in 2014 improved its interior trim in design, materials and assembly techniques. At the same time, its configurations were greatly upgraded, such as the multi-functional genuine leather steering wheel, and the LED screen on the dashboard in particular. Besides, thanks to the “sense quality” philosophy and control system, and the Masterbuck & Cubing testing methods of Chery, the Tiggo 3 quality sense also presented a new record. The sheet metal techniques and coating quality revealed higher level of techniques. The new Tiggo 3 was mainly equipped with 1.6L DVVT engine, together with 5MT transmission and CVT transmission. It had better composite performance in power, fuel economy and control. As the most mature and reliable model of Chery after years of market experience, the wonderful sales performance of the new Tiggo 3 proved it was a successful generation replacement. 10 Chery Tiggo 3 launched in 2014 In 2015, Tiggo celebrated its 10th anniversary. In August of that year, the global sales volume exceeded 1 million units, which was the greatest gift for the 10th anniversary of Tiggo. Tiggo 3 made the highest record of sales for a single model of Chinese brands. It also ranked No. 1 in the JDpower 2015 List of Quality Performance of Small SUV Models, proving its mature quality and reliability. For this, Chery also launched the Tiggo 3 Millionth Commemoration model. 5th-generation Tiggo 3 11 New Tiggo 3 with 183 upgraded items This year, Tiggo has embraced a major upgrading in its life cycle. New Tiggo 3, the upgraded model, maintains the family features of Tiggo. 12 New Tiggo 3 with brand-new interior trim As a classic product that has a history of 10 years with more than 1 million users, the 5th-generation New Tiggo 3 received 183 items of upgrading in 12 categories. Its appearance has received detail upgrading catering to young users. And brand-new design has been made in the interior trim, which greatly improves quality and performance. The Life in Motion philosophy is adopted in Chery 2.0 system. And the Cloudrive 2.0 system has made the model younger and more stylish. The real-time vehicle status monitoring and one-button remote control bring more tech contents to the model. At the same time, the standard configurations of New Tiggo 3 also include ESP, cruise control, multi-functional steering wheel, turn lighting assist, braking assist, HHC and overspeed alert, making it more competitive among competitors. Conclusion: Tiggo 3 has been a SUV focusing on cost effectiveness and pioneer of Chinese SUV models. Looking back at the evolution of its 5 generations, Tiggo 3 is always making new breakthroughs in its appearance, interior trim, power, control and comfort. Over the past 10 years, the wonderful sales of Tiggo have developed a large number of Tiggo fans. Yes, it does have good fame and quality. But more importantly, it is Tiggo.
01 062016
Chery Tiggo 3 wins awards of “Outstanding Sales” in Peru On June 21, 2016, at the annual award ceremony held by renowned Peruvian auto magazine Mundo Tuerca, Chery Tiggo 3 was honored as the ” Outstanding Sales ” in 2015 for its outstanding market performance. This was the fourth consecutive year that Chery’s products had won this honor. Inaugurated in 2010, the annual award ceremony held by Mundo Tuerca was one of the most authoritative selection events in Peru’s auto industry. Objective and fair evaluation was conducted based on the comprehensive performance of models, including annual market performance and results of consumer surveys. As a result, Chery Tiggo 3 was honored as the ” Outstanding Sales ” for its outstanding market performance and good reputation. 11 With cumulative global sales of over one million units, Tiggo 3 is a classic model enjoying superb reputation. Throughout development, Tiggo 3 fully relied on Chery’s globalized concept and system of car building, and was up to high standards in terms of quality control, supplier management, performance evaluation, etc. Tiggo 3 is China’s first model exempt from export inspection, as well as the only Chinese model whose sampling qualification rate has been 100 percent for three consecutive years. Tiggo 3 has passed over 50 items of Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA). New Tiggo 3 available for sale in Peru is more vigorous and trendy with more angular design elements, fitting in with the features of city SUV. Tiggo 3 improves greatly in such aspects as design, texture and assembly, and has richer equipment such as multifunctional leather steering wheel, especially the LED display on the console. Besides, Chery’s concept of “sensory quality”, control system and the test method of Masterbuck & Cubing have brought the quality of Tiggo 3 to a new level. Powered by 1.6L DVVT engine, 5MT and CVT, Tiggo 3 has better comprehensive performance in such aspects as power, fuel economy and control. 12 Since its entry into Peru in 2008, Chery has been the bestselling Chinese brand in Peru. This award is in recognition of our efforts, proving that Chery is moving steadily in a right direction in Peru. We are confident of building Chery into the most popular auto brand in Peru, said Paul Reyes, general manager of SKBergé, Chery’s partner in Peru.
02 052016
Chery honored as “Best Globalization Strategy” for year 2015 In May 2016, the 2016 China Automotive Innovation Summit themed “Boundary & Realm, Fusion & Deconstruction” opened at Beijing Marriott Hotel. Witnessed by automotive experts and journalists, Chery was honored as “Best Globalization Strategyfor year 2015” for its forward-looking globalization strategy and achievements. 08 Organized by 21st Century Business Herald, supported by prestigious institutions such as the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the Society of Automotive Engineers of China and TNS Sinotrust, this summit focuses on China’s auto industry, commends the most influential Chinese automakers, and is aimed to encourage automakers to make progress and develop. The shortlist of “Enterprises with the Best Overseas Strategy in 2015” was worked out by automotive experts and media leaders from around China. After two months of discussion and evaluation, Chery was honored as “Best Globalization Strategyfor year 2015” for its forward-looking globalization strategy and achievements. While receiving this award, Jin Yibo, President Assistant of Chery, said that Chery has always taken “building a competitive international brand” as its strategic goal. This award is recognition and encouragement of Chery’s globalization and achievements over the past 15 years. He also introduced Chery’s “three-step” globalization strategy. The first step is “going out”: exporting vehicles to overseas markets through trade and establishing CKD assembly plants abroad; the second step is “going in” to take root (i.e. localized development): establishing four professional plants with four processes abroad, taking domestic parts manufacturers out to establish automotive industrial parks (Chery Iran Industrial Park, Chery Brazil Industrial Park, etc.), and switching from product export to technology, brand and production capacity export. The third step is “going up”: building brands and participating in global competition. Currently Chery is at a transitional stage from “going in” to “going up”. At the stage of “going in”, Chery implemented the product strategy, localization strategy and talent strategy to constantly deepen cooperation in overseas markets, earned good reputation in overseas markets, and won a series of honors. For example, in 2014, Tiggo 5 was shortlisted for the “Best SUV Model of the Year” in Chile for the first time. In 2015, Arrizo 7 was shortlisted for the “Best Car of the Year” in Chile. In 2015, Chery was honored as the “Most Popular Chinese Auto Brand” in Russia. In September 2015, in the selection of 2015 China Top 20 Enterprises in Overseas Image–“the Belt and Road” directed by the State Council Information Office, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the ASEAN-China Centre, organized by the China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration, Chery was ranked third, which is No.1 among equipment manufacturer and automaker. During Auto China 2016, Chery officially announced set up of CTCS (Chery Technology Center Shanghai). CTCS is a strategic component of Chery’s automotive R & D system. With a galaxy of world top auto talents from giants such as BMW, GM and Ford, CTCS is fully geared to international practices in such aspects as R & D strength, system and process, and is committed to developing Chery’s next-generation all-new models. As the pioneer of Chery in the implementation of Strategy 3.0, CTCS has laid a solid technology and material foundation for building Chery into a competitive international brand.
01 042016
“Fun, enjoy future with Chery”—”Night of Chery” held On April 20, 2016 Beijing Time, Chery delivered a brand campaign themed “Fun, enjoy future with Chery” at Aoya Convention & Exhibition Center, Beijing, presenting its brand-new, young and globalized brand image. As a highlight of this event, Chery unveiled Chery Technical Center Shanghai (CTCS) and its leading globalized R & D system for the first time, showing its determination and sincerity to improve the R & D capability and product power of next-generation models. Notably, during the campaign, Chery also revealed its new brand image and target consumers, as well as its new design concept based on its brand image-Life in Motion for the first time. FV2030 (Future Vision 2030) representing Chery’s forward-looking concept interpreted its brand and design concept. Builds international auto brand In the event, Chen Anning, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery, briefly introduced Chery’s business strategy, and solemnly introduced CTCS’ international professional team. Peter Mueller, Brand & Market Strategy Director of Chery, introduced Chery’s new brand image and target consumers. He noted that Chery has been committed to delivering quality models to consumers, and is establishing increasingly clear international brand image, to make Chery younger, more trendy and globalized, and build a real “Chinese leading auto brand”. To create clear brand image, the key is advancing with the times and touching consumers. To this end, Chery will target consumers aged between 25 and 35 in the international market. As key consumers, they like distinctive, dynamic and trendy cars, and value quality. Chery will cater to different demands of global consumers. Chery will build unique models for global consumers, making them become easy to control and accord with consumers’ lifestyle in terms of interconnection and flexibility. All these will be reflected in Chery’s brand DNA and product DNA. 13 New design concept-Life in motion To better support its new brand image, James Hope, Design Director of Chery, elaborated on Chery’s new design concept-Life in motion. “Life” means life, and “motion” represents the constant evolution and development of nature and mankind. Chery’s designers will constantly draw inspiration from ever-changing nature and human civilization, and think future design ahead, to make Chery’s products trendier, more modernistic and charming. This is deeply reflected in Chery’s concept car-FV2030. The design concept of this concept car shows Chery’s deep thought about the lifestyle of future consumers, such as motion, innovation, high technology and flexibility. These will influence and guide the consumption trend of target consumers. 14 Future-oriented international team-CTCS (Chery Technical Center Shanghai) Chery set out to establish CTCS in late 2012. As the “pioneer” of Chery’s 2.0 strategy, this center has brought together world top auto talents to develop Chery’s next-generation models. According to the source, CTCS has recruited senior professionals from auto giants such as BMW, GM and Ford, to build a top-notched international expert team, and has worked with the headquarters technical center to establish the leading global R & D system of Chery, bringing Chery’s R & D capacity and product force to a new level. CTCS’ international expert team has rich R & D experience. They keep optimizing product definition, optimize the process of product R & D and raise design standards based on stringent quality requirements, focus on independent R & D and technical innovation, and are committed to making Chery comparable to JV brands in terms of comprehensive competitiveness. CTCS’ core members showed up, too. Led by Raymond Bierzynski, Deputy General Manager of Chery, all members of CTCS’ engineering technology team appeared. Raymond previously served GM with over 30 years of experience in engineering, project management and operating Chinese joint ventures; James Hope, Executive Design Director of Chery, made appearance with CTCS’ design team. With over 20 years of experience in auto design, James held important positions at auto giants like GM and Ford. As a team comprising professional international auto talents, CTCS has upheld the concept of “vitality, opening, wisdom and internationalization”. It has created an active and innovative atmosphere, allowed free rein to individual creativity and vitality, maximized team cohesion, and made Chery achieve a qualitative leap through high international standards. Fun, enjoy future with Chery With brilliance and sincerity, “Night of Chery” showed us the unremitting efforts of a Chinese brand in deepening and pursuing brand value, providing an in-depth insight into consumers. At the upcoming Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, you will see more sincerity and surprise for global consumers from Chery.
01 032016
Running for young – Chery Arrizo 5 Launched in China On March 18, Chery Arrizo 5, the next-generation car featuring high performance and full-time connectivity, was launched in Beijing. The 10 new models are equipped with 1.5L engine. Arrizo 5 adopts the brand-new design language of Chery. With Zheng Kai, the young Chinese actor gaining popularity in Running Man (the famous Chinese TV live show) as the spokesperson, Arrizo 5 has made breakthroughs in appearance, connectivity, maneuverability and safety, bringing the exceptional experience to young consumers with new vision and new thinking. 01 “As the first model of Chery 2nd-generation products adopting brand-new technological standards, Arrizo 5 is based on the world-class technology reserve and brand-new platform technologies of Chery Automobile, which perfectly interprets the international standard, quality and value of Arrizo brand”, said TongyaoYIN, President and CEO of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., “The launch of brand-new model, for Chery Automobile, is a new start, representing Chery has entered a new stage of technologies and development.” On that day, Arrizo 5 spokesperson Zheng Kai, was also present at the launch ceremony. According to Zheng, he is fascinated by the youth, fashion and sport features of Arrizo 5. The “Running for young” brand proposition of Arrizo 5 perfectly matches his personal traits. 02 03 The exquisite appearance best presents traditional Chinese culture & aesthetics Enlightened by traditional Chinese culture, rivers, waters and other natural life, Arrizo 5 perfectly interprets the brand-new design language of Chery Automobile. The designers integrate classic Chinese elements into Arrizo family DNA when handling the front-face outlines: the Chery Logo chrome-plated panel stretches across the grille and connects with metal panel in the headlights units on two sides. Together with grille outline, they constitute the corridor bridge form in ancient Chinese architectures. Besides, in Arrizo 5, the headlights and layer lattice grille adopt integration design. While establishing the sport atmosphere, they also hint the classic and fashionable elements in China. The grille adopts black piano coating texture; the grille design is inspired by the Yin-Yang pattern in Taoist culture of China. 04 In terms of auto modeling, Arrizo 5 inherits the H.D.S streamlined dynamic body design philosophy typical in Arrizo family. The designers integrate the water element, one of the Five Elements in Chinese tradition, into the body modeling of Arrizo 5. The H.D.S philosophy is also utilized on the sides of Arrizo 5. The 3 evident side lines, just like the “water in torrents”, outline the sense of layer, dynamics and passion of Arrizo 5 body sides. In terms of size, Arrizo 5 is 4,572mm long, 1,825mm wide, 1,482mm in high and 2,670mm in wheel base. By making optimal design of front and rear seats, it brings more comfortable head and leg space. The car has 24 storage spaces, greatly improving the convenience of driving and riding. 05 Equipped with Cloudrive2.0 system, it realizes 4G connectivity About entertainment and high-tech configuration, Arrizo 5 fully understands the young users’ needs for intelligent connectivity. Equipped with Cloudrive 2.0, Arrizo 5 has the powerful natural voice-recognizing ability and is able to recognize 16 Chinese local languages. At the same time, Arrizo 5 is equipped with inlaid 4G WiFi that provides mobile hotpots that are stronger and more stable than mobile signals. At most, it supports access of 10 devices at the same time so that each passenger enjoys mobile connectivity experience. Driver and passengers can also, through the vehicle-mounted 8”HD touch screen, realize full-screen mobile mapping, intelligent voice recognition, cloud music playing and other functions so that human-machine interactions become more convenient and intelligent. 06 DDS sport control system with sufficient power In terms of power, the first-batch Arrizo 5 is equipped with 1.5L naturally aspirated engine that provides maximum 116 horsepower and 141N.m maximum torque. It has the 5-speed manual transmission and 7-speed CVT transmission. The manual transmission has function of shift reminding. The CVT transmission provides diverse driving modesincluding ECO mode and Sport mode. 07 Thanks to the light-weight optimal applications, the car weight is reduced substantially. Its MT model needs only 5 seconds to accelerate from 15 to 50km/h. It not only excels in acceleration and maneuverability performance, but also has exceptional fuel efficiency. The model, equipped with intelligent start/stop system and AMS generator management system, only consumes 5.4L/100km. With wonderful cost-effectiveness, Arrizo 5 configurations lead among models of the same segment In addition to the powerful intelligent connectivity, Arrizo 5 is also equipped with button start, cruise control, electric A/C, electric sunroof, genuine-leather multi-function steering wheel, genuine-leather seats and many other practical and high-tech & fashion configurations. At the same time, the professional German sport chassis tuning in Arrizo 5, based on exceptional maneuverability performance, improves turning precision and driving/riding comfort, which exceed the competitors of the same segment. 08 In noise control, Arrizo 5 adopts a few noise insulation designs while optimizing the acoustic package in the car. In general, the inside idling noise is only 39.7 dB. When consumers are giving more attention to domestic air quality, Arrizo 5 adheres to the design philosophy of “low odor and low emission”. All parts and components have passed laboratory test without containing hazardous materials such as Cr VI , lead, mercury, cadmium, PBB, PBDE, asbestos and PAHS, etc. Its standards exceed the national standards in Requirements for Prohibited Substances on Automobiles and EU Requirements for Prohibited Substances. It monitors interior air quality in components, system and whole car, thus generating the green, environmental and low-odor domestic space. As the leader of Chinese brands, Chery Automobile is well known for its safety performance. In the design phase, Arrizo 5 was designed by strictly following C-NCAP (2015 version) 5-star safety standard. The high-strength steel plate application proportion exceeds 60%. It also uses the emergency braking reminding, direct tyre-pressure monitoring, overspeed alarm, hill-start assist system and other active safety intelligent techniques. With comprehensive safety pre-judgments, it protects safety of driver and passengers. In particular, Arrizo 5 has standard configuration of ESP system, the state-of-the-art ABS9.0 product of BOSCH with larger ECU capacity, more precise control tactics and only 39.30m/100km braking distance. 09 According to Xinhua GAO, Deputy President of Chery Automobile and President of Chery Marketing Company, “Arrizo 5 is the first model of Chery 2nd-generation products adopting brand-new technological standards. After years of adherence, Chery R&D system is gradually improved, its team becomes more mature, process more precise, standards stricter and its understanding of consumer product experience is more profound. As the first genuine global model of Chery and even Chinese brands, Chery 5 exceeds the same-segment competitors in terms of appearance, technologies, maneuverability and quality. I believe it will bring beyond-expectation experience to consumers.” As Arrizo 5 is launched into the market, Chery Automobile will also kick off the new journeys towards Technology 2.0, Quality 2.0 and International 2.0. In the future, Chery Automobile will work together with young consumers with creativity and action ability while producing safer, more fuel-saving and more environment-friendly products with new technologies and better quality, thus creating the brand-new travel means in the Internet era and leading the Chinese automotive industry. Chery Arrizo5 is expected to launch in the UAE in the 4th Quarter of 2016.
01 032016
Chery undertakes development of aero-engine, advanced technology applied across fields Recently, Austro Engine Company, Wuhu Diamond Aero-engine Co., Ltd. under China Electronics Technology Corporation and Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. have recently signed an agreement in Vienna. Under this agreement, Chery will develop an AEC2.0L TDCL basic high pressure common rail aero-engine for Austro Engine Company and Wuhu Diamond Aero-engine Co., Ltd., and complete the manufacturing and assembly of key parts in Wuhu through its engine manufacturing capability. According to sources, the aero-engine will target the global market. After the obtainment of the airworthiness certificates from the European Aviation Safety Agency and the Aviation Administration of China, the engine will be installed in the DA40/DA42 aircrafts of Diamond Aircraft and Wuhu Diamond Aircraft Co., Ltd. in substitution for Austro Engine Company’s original AE300 aero-engine. Developed and manufactured by Chery, the engine ranks top in the world general aero-engine field in terms of key indicators. Chery will own the complete intellectual property right of the engine. 03 As China’s first automaker that independently developed advanced car engines, Chery is capable of developing and manufacturing internationally advanced car engines. So far Chery has developed and manufactured over 20 engines. Of these engines, five advanced engines, including SQR477F engine, 2.0TGDI (turbo gasoline direct injection) engine and 1.6DVVT (dual variable valve timing) engine, have ranked among China’s top 10 engines for five consecutive years. Due to their outstanding performance and reliable quality, Chery engines have not only been installed in Chery cars, but also been exported to the developed countries such as USA, Italy and Japan. To date, Chery’s engine exports have exceeded 300,000 units. In 2015, the 3MIS IPTV (3 months in service, incidents per thousand vehicles) of Chery engines was around 4, even with Volkswagen, making Chery engines up to top international standards; Qoros cars powered by Chery engines ranked second among all foreign auto brands in China as the result of a new car quality survey report released by J.D.POWER in 2015, behind Lexus only. Austro Engine Company joined hands with Chery because of the advanced engine development and production capability, as well as its perfect quality assurance system. Accomplishing crossover development through engine technology and moving into the field of aero-engine development and manufacturing as an automaker is undoubtedly the best proof of Chery’s technical strength and manufacturing capability, the important symbol of the upgrading of Chery’s “technology, quality and globalization”, as well as the mark of the transformation and upgrading of China’s traditional manufacturing. Sources expected the engine to be China’s first engine with independent intellectual property right and civil aviation airworthiness certificates.
01 032016
Chery to enter new journey of globalization 2.0 in 2016 From “going out” to “going in”, Chery has gone through stages from international trade to localized operation in the process of globalization over the past decade. Having just ushered in its 18th anniversary and brought its 5,000,000th vehicle off production line, Chery will enter new journey of globalization 2.0 in an accelerated manner in 2016 with focus on enhancing its overseas brand image and customer experience, so as to become a competitive global auto brand. Since its entry into the international market in 2001, Chery has established 1,000 sales and service network overseas, growing from an unknown enterprise into an enterprise which has won numerous honors, and earning support and trust from nearly 1,200,000 overseas consumers. In 2016, with the attitude of innovation and pragmatism, and based on the upgrade of (“technology 2.0”, “quality 2.0” and “globalization 2.0”), Chery will enter a new journey and build its brand through “technology, quality and globalization” to enhance consumer experience. 01 “Technology 2.0”. Based on its international talent team, Chery will advance the constant evolution of its iAuto core technology platform, and fully upgrade its Cherisma, Acteco and Cloudrive, so as to accomplish the intelligentization, networking and individualization of driving environment. Chery is independently developing intelligent UGV with functions such as intelligent following and collision avoidance in urban traffic conditions. “Quality 2.0”. Technology improvement leads to product upgrading and performance improvement. Arrizo 5 about to be launched worldwide in March 2016 is a representative model in Chery’s new-generation product lineup. Chery’s new-generation products will upgrade from high-quality products of “functional value” to high-quality products of “enjoyment value”. With the launch of Arrizo 5, Chery will organize a global media test drive rally in regions such as South America, Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Then Chery’s high-quality products of “enjoyment value” will give global media individual driving experience. The core of product performance improvement is precisely controlling the whole process based on customer experience to ensure that product performance is more relevant and closer to customer perception, thus giving customers optimal experience. 02 “Globalization2.0”. From “going in” to “going up” in overseas markets, Chery aims to build a competitive global auto brand. In 2016, Chery will step up efforts to improve its capacity for international operation and accelerate the construction of user experience-centered marketing service system, and enhance its capacity for localized operation management through technology resources, brand building resources, talent resources and other resources in the layout of “great Chery”, thus accomplishing collaborative development and common progress. According to the source, in terms of operation capacity improvement, Chery will upgrade the terminal image and operation standard of its core outlets in overseas markets to improve its capacity for overseas network operation and further enhance its brand image. In terms of marketing service system construction, since Chery’s 5 millionth vehicle rolled off production line in 2016, Chery will carry out a series of user experience-centered activities worldwide to return the favor of consumers, such as “5 million sales 5 surprise gifts”, “Tiggo Carnival” and “Owner’s Tour of China”. In terms of after-sales services, Chery will pay more attention to service skill and awareness enhancement, and organize outstanding global service technicians for a skills contest in 2016 to improve the overall level of technical services. Facing the complex international market, Chery will further perfect its product layout and service in various markets, and keep improving its operation and management level in 2016. Just as Xiaoqing, He Deputy General Manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. and General Manager of Chery International, said, “the automobile is the best symbol of a country,” Chery is making every endeavor to become the best symbol of China in the global auto market.
05 022016
Chery ARRIZO 5 challenges Atacama Desert of Chile Atacama Desert is the place on the earth that has the most similar environment as the Mars. Since its geographical environment is the very image of the Mars, NASA always conducts outer space simulation tests there before putting into use its space equipment formally. Located in the middle of the West Coast of the South America, Atacama Desert has a span length of about 1000 kilometers from the south to the north between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, and its total area amounts to about 181,300 square kilometers. Throughout the entire year, clear days and arid climate overwhelms the Atacama Desert, and some regions had no precipitation over the past several centuries, thus the Atacama Desert is recognized as “Dry Pole of the Earth”. Despite this, the arid climate makes the Atacama Desert become the world optimal place for star gazing. 03 Starry Sky over the Atacama Desert In the Atacama Desert, Chery Automobile conducted a series of comprehensive tests to its ARRIZO 5 models from 4th March to 5th March. It is worth saying that ARRIZO 5 of Chery is a car model of strategic importance in 2016, and it will be launched globally in Chile on 10th March. During the test, ARRIZO 5 completed a driving distance of nearly 1000 kilometers in the vast desert, in the towering mountains, in the blazing sunlight, and in the arid climate, and its driving height above sea level soared from 2300 meters to 4300 meters. In the high mountain, ARRIZO5 1.5L DVVT engine shows a sound dynamics output. On the sinuous road and steep slope, ARRIZO5 CVT transmission shows a very mature matching performance, quick response, and smooth gear shifting. Particularly, the chassis tuning with sports elements brings all testers passionate driving experience in the swerving and overtaking. 04 Highway Test for ARRIZO 5 05 Sandstone Floor Test for ARRIZO 5 06 It is not the first time for ARRIZO 5 to take the ultimate challenge. Prior to this, Chery ever tested and evaluated more than 40 indexes of ARRIZO 5 (e.g., vehicle starting and speedup, engine starting performance, driving performance, driving comfort, and steering response) in the extremely cold environment (-30℃) of Heihe, a city in North China, and results showed that ARRIZO 5 performed well. This time, ARRIZO 5 succeeded in passing the test in the “Dry Pole of the Earth” after being shipped across the Pacific Ocean, which not only exemplified Chery ARRIZO 5’s uncompromising quality, but also made ARRIZO 5 become the first Chinese car brand that successfully completed test in two extreme environments (namely, coldest and driest). See figure below of ARRIZO 5’s photo plotting. Before the shooting, the camera is fixed and long exposure in dozens of seconds to car body and starry sky is conducted with the help of extremely small aperture. Meanwhile, external light sources like mobile phone, flashlight, and light supplement lamp are used in irradiation to the body contour, so as to enhance the body contour exposure. 07 ARRIZO 5 photo plotting in the Atacama Desert Did ARRIZO 5 with nice look and strong strength touch you? Let’s look forward to 10th March 2016 when ARRIZO 5 will be launched globally in Chile.
01 022016
Chery New Energy to make electric SUVs at 60,000 aluminum-bodied vehicle project On February 23, 2016, Chery New Energy Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. (Chery New Energy) held the foundation laying ceremony of its project with an annual output of 60,000 aluminum-bodied electric passenger vehicles at its headquarters in Wuhu, Anhui. Phase 1 of this project is expected to be completed in September 2016 and a mini electric SUV model will first go into production. Chery New Energy is an institution under Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. It is committed to developing frontier technologies for clean energy vehicles such as hybrid vehicles and alternative fuel vehicles. With an area of 225446㎡ and a total investment of 1.56 billion yuan, the project with an annual output of 60,000 aluminum-bodied electric passenger vehicles will be constructed in two phases. With an initial annual output of 10,000 electric vehicles, Phase 1 will be completed and go into production in 2016. In Phase 2, an electric passenger vehicle manufacturing plant with an annual output of 60,000 units will be built up in late 2017. Plan of Chery New Energy’s Project with an Annual Output of 60,000 Aluminum-bodied Electric Passenger Vehicles 09 According to Gao Lixin, General Manager of Chery New Energy, a newly-developed mini electric SUV model will first go into production in this project. Based on Chery’s all-new super lightweight technology platform combining “all-aluminum spatial structure with all-composite covering parts”, the model integrates multiple light materials with multiple advanced molding processes. All products developed through this platform will use leading technologies such as “integrated body with aluminum alloy framework and distributed carbon fiber composite”, “energy absorption structure of carbon fiber composite”, “aluminum alloy body framework connection through laser welding, wire filling laser welding and laser hybrid welding”, “low-cost production process of carbon fiber composite”, “modularized lightweight battery pack technology” and “Chery lightweight new energy vehicle reliability test technology”. The bodies and chassis of these products are over 40 percent lighter than traditional bodies and chassis. With unique advantage in such aspects as process, materials, cost, weight reduction, energy conservation and performance, these products are innovative new energy vehicles up to advanced international standards. According to the source, Chery mainly relies on the new energy vehicle market, the Chinese traditional vehicle market and the international traditional vehicle market to enhance its comprehensive competitiveness. According to Chery New Energy’s development plan, it will become an industrial leader with annual sales of 200,000 units by 2020. The project marks a new step of Chery New Energy. Since initiating new energy vehicle R & D in 2000, Chery has undertaken over 20 major energy conservation and new energy vehicle development projects under Program 863 as well as over 10 provincial and municipal key technological projects in Anhui, achieved a series of breakthroughs in core technologies and accomplished industrialization. By late 2015, Chery New Energy had applied for over 500 patents, including over 300 patents for invention, ranking first in China’s auto industry. Chery has always developed new energy vehicles independently, and gradually established a system involving vehicle integration, core technologies and core parts development. So far, Chery has worked out a new energy technology plan of “all series + 457”, covering electric and plug-in hybrid technology platforms for all series of full-size passenger vehicles. “457” denotes four new energy vehicle platforms (mini electric platform, medium electric platform, plug-in hybrid platform and electric 4WD platform), five general subsystems (power battery system, electric drive system, vehicle control system, PHEV powertrain and electrically-driven rear axle) and seven core technologies (power management technology, battery system design, vehicle control technology, PHEV system design, smart connection design, lightweight technology and new energy vehicle integration technology). Based on the fixed plan and path of technology development, Chery New Energy will adhere to the technical route of parallel development of electric technology (extended range) and plug-in hybrid technology in the future, to create a product layout involving the electric car series below Segment A0 and the plug-in hybrid car series above Segment A0. Later Chery New Energy will launch a couple of competitive models including mini electric models and plug-in hybrid SUV models. Chery’s first PHEV–Arrizo 7 is scheduled to be launched in April 2016. The fuel consumption per 100 km of this model is only 2.2 L; and the mini electric SUV models manufactured in the plant with an annual output of 60,000 units are expected to be launched in the second half of 2016.
17 012016
Chery “New Tiggo 5” is honored as the “Bestselling Model of 2015” in China China’s largest press group—China Automotive News, a professional automobile media under the People’s Daily has recently held the Award Ceremony for Bestselling Models and Marketing Campaigns of 2015 in Beijing. The Chery New Tiggo 5 was honored as the “Bestselling Model of 2015” for its outstanding market performance and brand power, making Chery the only Chinese auto brand to win the award. 10 Based on the general performance of models on city roads, highways and ring roads, an evaluation committee – which comprised renowned Chinese experts, senior editors & reporters, professional drivers and consumer representatives – gave fair and balanced evaluation to imported, JV and Chinese models. The New Tiggo 5 was well received by the market for its strong power, rich configuration and ultra high sense of technology and quality. Actually, in addition to the New Tiggo 5, the past models of Tiggo 5 also have remarkable performance in the global market since its launch. In China, the Tiggo 5 achieved monthly sales of over 10,000 units and won a collection of honors such as C-NCAP Five-star Crash Test Rating within less than one year of its launch. In overseas markets, after its launch in 2015, Tiggo 5 was nominated for “Best SUV of 2015” in Chile for its prominent advantage in such aspects as exterior design, interior craftsmanship, power and handling performance. It received a good market response in regions such as South America and the Middle East. A succession of achievements shows Chery’s quality improvement in its new product development system. Chery’s product quality has been universally recognized by consumers and media in China and overseas. As Tiggo’s models keep soaring in the market, Chery will make new progress in globalization.
04 012016
Arrizo7 nominated for “Best Car of 2016” in Chile Chile’s renowned auto magazine MT has recently released the shortlist of models nominated for “Best Car of 2016”. Of these models, Chery Arrizo7 was shortlisted for its strong sense of model design and rich configuration. This is also the second consecutive year that a Chery model has been nominated for “Best Car” in Chile. 01 Inaugurated in 2007 and held annually, the “Best Car of the Year” as organized by MT is one of Chile’s most authoritative auto selections. This year, professional journalists from 15 auto media outlets in Chile test-rode the shortlisted models and selected winners for awards such as “Best Car”, “Best SUV” and “Best MPV” in January 2016. 02 Arrizo7 was launched in Chile at the end of November when was just 10 days before its being shortlisted for “Best Car of 2016”. Arrizo7 is the first car launched with the new brand image by Chery in Chile. Powered by a 1.6L DVVT engine, the new model provides two transmission choices: MT and CVT. Tiggo5’s previous nomination for “Best Car of 2015” and Arrizo7’s nomination for “Best Car of 2016” have proven that Chery brand and its products have been highly recognized by the Chilean market.
01 122015
5,000,000th unit rolls off line as Chery’s new “starting point” On December 18, 2015, when a brand-new “Arrizo 5″ vehicle rolled off line in Wuhu as Chery’s 5,000,000th unit, Chery became the first Chinese automaker with a cumulative passenger vehicle output of over 5,000,000 units. That morning, ” Next 5,000,000,Chery will make you more wonderful “–the offline ceremony of the 5,000,000th unit was held at Chery Wuhu base. Government and industrial leaders such as Pan Chaohui, mayor of Wuhu; Zhang Jinhua, executive vice chairman and secretary-general of the Society of Automotive Engineers of China and Shi Jianhua, deputy secretary-general of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, witnessed the significant moment together with nearly 1,000 owner representatives, journalists, industrial partners and employee representatives from around China. 01 As a Chinese leading automaker, in the “golden decade” of the Chinese auto market, Chery rapidly achieved its first-stage strategic objective of fast expanding production and sales, thus consolidating its market share and position in the Chinese auto market. In recent years, through strategic transformation, Chery has optimized and rebuilt its nine operation systems covering fields such as R & D, production, quality, marketing and finance, especially its product R & D system, and established a “V-shaped” forward development system according to international standard product R & D systems and processes, thus improving its product quality, optimizing its product structure and increasing its sales significantly. According to statistics, Chery sold 475,000 units in the first 11 months of this year, up 12.5 percent year on year. The total sales of Arrizo and Tiggo accounted for over 70 percent of Chery’s total sales. In terms of globalization, Chery has paid attention to developing both domestic and overseas markets, and implemented the strategy of “going out” since its early days, thus becoming China’s first automaker to export vehicles, CKD parts, engines and vehicle manufacturing technologies and equipment to foreign countries. To date, Chery has exported over 1.2 million units to over 80 countries and regions in the world, established 14 manufacturing bases, over 1,100 sales networks and over 900 authorized after-sales service networks abroad, developed the strong capacity for market radiation, and been ranked among key auto brands in countries such as Iran, Venezuela, Chile and Egypt. Due to its outstanding achievements in globalization, Chery has enjoyed wide brand popularity and influence in some overseas markets. In the selection of 2015 China Top 20 Enterprises in Overseas Image–“One Belt and One Road” organized by institutions such as the State Council Information Office and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council this September, Chery was ranked third as the highest-ranking equipment manufacturer and automaker, ahead of numerous Internet and home appliance giants. According to the “Made in China 2025” plan, based on the results achieved in the first stage, in the second stage of strategic transformation, Chery will proceed with independent innovation, build its brand through “high technologies, outstanding quality and globalization”, and enhanced consumer experience by upgrading technologies, quality and globalization. Globalization upgrading means a transition from “going in” to “going up” in overseas operations, focusing on building brand image and opening up a road from technology export to brand export, said Tongyao YIN as Chery’s 5,000,000th unit rolled off the line. Just as YIN said in the Letter to Chery’s 5,000,000 Owners “Chery will continue to build its brand through “high technologies, outstanding quality and globalization”, and turn out more safe, energy-conserving and environmentally-friendly automotive products with newer technologies and higher quality. Chery expect to explore the future means of transport with you, keep a close watch on the development of frontier automotive technologies, and create a new lifestyle in the Internet era through better technologies and systems.” Next 5,000,000,Chery will make you more wonderful!
10 052015
Chery GCC Parts Distribution Centre Al Habtoor Motors is appointed as the official distributor of Chery Spare Parts in the GCC, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon & Yemen Chery International has appointed Al Habtoor Motors as the official distributor for supplying Chery spare parts to other Chery Distributors in the GCC countries and Jordan. Al Habtoor Motors is the official dealer of Chery in the UAE.

The contract signing ceremony was held recently at Al Habtoor Motors Corporate Head office. The contract was signed in presence of Mr. Sultan Al Habtoor – President Al Habtoor Motors, Mr. Ahmed Al Habtoor – CEO Al Habtoor Motors, Mr. Karl Hamer – Managing Director Al Habtoor Motors, Mr. Zhou Biren – Vice President Chery Automobile Co. Ltd, Mr. Zhang Hua – Deputy General Manager Middle East / Europe Region Chery International, Directors of Al Habtoor Motors, and other members of Chery International Team.

The decision was taken by Chery International to provide after sales service and support to all its distributors in the GCC and Middle East region in keeping with its strategic long term vision to be the Number 1 Chinese automobile brand in the region.

Committed to offering its customers a superlative motoring experience, Al Habtoor Motors opened an advanced after sales facility in 2012 at the center of the newly developed Dubai Industrial City, strategically located next to the Al Maktoum International Airport and Logistics City. The Industrial and Logistics cities along with the airport will be the focal point as Dubai’s next generation business hub for future developments.

Prior to the official signing, Chery’s International Sales & Marketing team had visited Al Habtoor Motors after sales facility and were impressed by the fully air-conditioned warehouse built inside a sprawling 75,000 square feet area inside DIC. The team decided to choose UAE as its regional parts hub and set up a state-of-the-art Chery GCC Parts Distribution Center.

Located just 8 minutes from Exit 20, off Sheikh Zayed Road, the parts distribution center bolsters Chery’s aim to continuously develop and enhance it quality and service standards to benefit the customer in clearly finding out suitable genuine spare parts according to their own needs to let them enjoy a great motoring experience.

The central warehouse at the facility is equipped with the latest technology supported by Pic-o-mat automated system with conveyor facility that helps Chery Automobile Co. to make a quantum leap in the fast paced industry to give extra edge on logistic delivery advantages.

The well stocked distribution center will increase Chery’s spare parts availability across the region. The excellent after sales support and easy spare parts availability aims to enhance its Customer Satisfaction.

Al Habtoor Motors launched the Chery E5 & E8 sedans along with Tiggo SUV and the P5 van during a special event that was held on 29th October 2013 at Habtoor Grand Beach Resort & Spa, Jumeirah Beach.

This was followed by a high profile debut at the Dubai International Motor Show where Chery showcased with the E5, E8, Tiggo along with the unveiling of its concept cars Chery T5 and Arrizo 7. The feature packed Chery cars attracted much attention during the motor show.
10 052015
Chery Online iPad Mini Draw Al Habtoor Motors announced the 3 lucky winners of the Chery Online iPad Mini draw on 4th June 2014 in a small ceremony held in Chery Showroom, Deira. The winners Mr. James Samuel Coward, Mr. Ashraf Bastawisy and Mr. Bibsi Hamza were invited to receive the iPad Mini from Mr. Muhammad Shahnawaz, Marketing Specialist for Al Habtoor Motors.
06 052015
Chery’s new model Arrizo 5 will be launched worldwide in March Inspired by “Concept α” appearing at Auto Beijing 2014 and “Chery α5” exhibited at Auto Shanghai 2015, Arrizo 5 is a model targeting young consumers. It features bright sports elements, such as “fastback” column C design and bicolor hub. All these elements cater to young consumers’ understanding of and preference for “sport”. Chinese elements in details, including air-inlet grille, represent the higher modeling ability of Chery and meet the aesthetic needs of mainstream consumers in various countries. Since Arrizo 5 was launched during Auto Guangzhou in November 2015, the wording of “most beautiful Chinese car” and “Chery’s most beautiful saloon car ever” has been spread quickly among media and consumers. From Arrizo 5 which appeared at Auto Guangzhou, we can judge that it has much richer configuration than other models of its segment, such as multifunctional steering wheel, 8-inch touch screen, mobile phone mapping, GPS navigation and automatic air-conditioner. Safety configuration, such as rear view camera, hill-start hold control (HHC) and Bosch ESP, is also equipped. In process quality, Arrizo 5 inherits Arrizo’s persistently connotative and exquisite process, such as color, gap, trim texture and interior smell, giving a strong sense of high quality. In terms of body data, the dimension (4572mm×1825mm×1482mm) and wheel base (2670mm) of Arrizo 5 show its strong competitive edge in space.
04 052015
2nd Chery International After-sales Service Forum held in Wuhu On May 24, 2016, the 2nd Chery International After-sales Service Forum, themed “Customer First, Service Foremost”, was held in Wuhu. Organized by the After-Sales Service Department of Chery International and Spare Parts Company, this forum brought together 45 outstanding overseas service managers, spare parts managers and dealer representatives of Chery from 14 countries. They shared their experience in after-sales services in respective markets, and discussed how to further improve their service quality and enhance consumer experience in era 2.0 of Chery services. 01 At the opening ceremony, Xiaoqing HE, general manager of Chery International, delivered a speech. He extended warm welcome to service managers and dealer representatives from around the world, and pinned great hope on the future development of Chery’s after-sales services. Over one million global consumers’ trust in Chery’s services has made Chery grow constantly, and quality after-sales services are the foundation of the sustainability of Chery brand, said him. He also presented awards to outstanding distributors from around the world, extending heartfelt thanks to them for their efforts in and contributions to improving Chery’s after-sales service level. 02 03 So far Chery has established nearly 1,000 service networks in over 80 countries and regions in the world, of which 32 percent are single-brand networks. With the constant expansion of its market shares in different countries, Chery has gradually established the direction at the stage of service 2.0. Improving maintenance quality and service quality is our most important mission at the new development stage, to accomplish this mission, we must go deep into the terminal, improve working efficiency and support dealers in better serving customers and making profit, this is also the main purpose of this forum, said Ping FENG, deputy general manager of Chery International. Xianhao ZHAN, deputy general manager of Domestic Sales Company, also attended this forum and undertook to continue improving the quality of spare parts services to provide more convenient and satisfactory services to overseas dealers. 04 05 During this forum, service managers and dealer representatives from around the world discussed issues such as spare parts operation management, service capability, customer communication and service networks profiting, visited Chery’s plant, spare parts center and test center, and attended Chery Auto Accessories Promotion Conference for Overseas Customers. Following this forum, they will bring back the production and service concept learned at Chery’s headquarters to further improve Chery’s service level and capability in overseas markets. 06 At the stage of “globalization 2.0”, Chery is constantly improving its level and capability of globalized operation, and accelerating the construction of its customer-oriented marketing service system. This forum will lay the groundwork for Chery to further develop the global market. With the constant improvement of Chery’s capability and level of international after-sales service, it will become a nucleus in Chery’s efforts to build a competitive international brand.