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Arrizo7 is Chery's ambitious sedan that embodies a streamlined and dynamic design. A stunner in the real sense, it sports an energetic styling and grace. If you want your car to make heads turn and be leagues ahead of other cars in the UAE, look no further.


1 Dynamic styling for a chic look
2 Statement-making interiors
3 Super-performer DVVT power engine
4 Superior and comfortable driving experience
5 Meticulously-planned safety


Eagle-eye-like smart protruding headlights

A design inspired by eagle eyes, the protruding headlights come with hidden turn light and a premium light brow shape. Adding a dash of fashion and grace, is the pleasantly spread out high-tech chrome-plated decoration design.

U-Face fashionable chrome-plated front grilles

Every element of Arrizo7 works towards enhancing the style quotient. Right from the chrome-plated upper intake grille shaping to the lower intake grille and smart lower spoiler skirt shaping, the design dynamics make the car look young and fashionable.

H.D.S technology

In adherence to best interpretation of scientific design, the overall shape is calculated in detail according to speed and net weight of the car. Wind resistance parameter is lowered to reduce fuel consumption and increase car speed and stability when in motion.

Ducktail rear shaping and smart LED rear light set

The Arrizo7 is as much a stunner from the back, as it is from the front. Duck-tail truck shaping, and reflection-plate-embedded through rear bumper shaping add to its exquisite looks. Incorporating a more cubic duck-tail trunk, similar to that of a sports car, makes the car look more dynamic.


Wing shaped

One highlight of its futuristic interior is the horizontally integrated eagle-shaped multi-button center console. It puts all necessary controls within easy reach and also houses the air-conditioning vent. The design reflects a strong sense of technology without any compromise on functionality.

Full utilisation of ergonomic principle while designing inside space

Once inside the Arrizo7, you can experience the most comfortable seating position thanks to the 120-degree angle between the shoulders and the thighs. The comfortable seats relax the waist muscle, help place the legs comfortably on the floor, and aid regular blood circulation in line with physiological needs of human bodies during the resting position. The armrests too sport a rising design that support the natural curves of human arms, thus enhancing the comfort level.

38 dB of brand-new quiet space (N.V.H)

The Arrizo7 scores high on noiseless performance. The NVH creates a comfortable and muted pleasant environment. All the metal is secured by steel sections with high precision, excellent strength and sound durability. The structure design, in line with medium/premium car models, provides quality feelings to the users.


DVVT+7CVT Golden Powertrain

The 1.6L DVVT engine of Arrizo 7Arrizo7 is a star performer and is geared to increase acceleration by 12% compared to ordinary engines. It adopts continuous and variable intake/exhaust timing technology with stronger power. It increases the cost efficiency of fuel by over 20% by reducing fuel consumption.

S.W operation stability platform-based chassis system

The solid chassis design of Arrizo7 perfectly integrates operation and comfort. Chassis arrangement is constructed by Lotus, the well-known British sports car company. It guarantees remarkable traction, optimizes McPherson & rear multi-link independent suspension to better buffer road shocks and fully absorb vibration.

Optimized front McPherson & rear multi-link independent suspension

The Arrizo7 offers superior bump-free drive on most roads, thanks to the front McPherson & rear multi-link independent suspension. With super fine adjustment and the latest technological improvements in place, the suspensions deliver a perfect combination of operation and comfort to guarantee a smooth driving experience.

E-powered steering system (EPS)

Manoeuvring a Arrizo7 is as easy as it can get. Its E-powered steering system is all about convenience at low speeds and stability at high speeds. It powers with speed, effectively avoids the risk of sideward sliding and drifting in case of over steering and maintains stability of the vehicle; thereby providing a comfortable and safe drive.


3R BODY light anti-collision bodies

By adopting over 45% of high-strength steel plates and using thermoforming technology that is implemented only by luxurious cars, we create unparalleled 3R Body light anti-collision bodies. This guarantees more safety to drivers and passengers.

Six-in-one safety airbag

Arrizo7 boasts of high safety standards. Surrounded by front double safety airbag, front seat-side airbags and front/rear through curtain airbags, the driver and passengers are fully safeguarded against injuries in case of a collision.


360° intelligent driving infotainment system

The smart Arrizo7 comes with an equally smart multimedia-supported (5 audio formats, 13 video formats and various picture formats) system that offers comprehensive entertainment on the go. USB charging for 5 equipments including iPhone keeps you close to technology and entertainment.

Human storage space design

Going the extra mile, the development team has designed as many as 30 storage spaces - much more than the "twenty living objects most frequently brought into the car by the users' as proposed by J. D. Power. With more space comes the freedom to freely arrange more belongings in the car.

Dynamic rear view reversing image system

The system improves convenience and safety of the users during reversing. It supports static and dynamic backing guide function. Dynamic guides are synced to move with turning of the steering wheel.

Ultra-large trunk

The ultra-large trunk supports flexibility of space usage. By adjusting the position of mechanical parts and using hydraulic supporting pole, it can reduce occupation of the trunk, maximize the usable area and ensure convenient travel.