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29 DEC2017
Amateur Owners Received 2017 COC Championship with TIGGO7 Each car race is the best opportunity to test vehicle technologies and quality. On December 18, 2017, COC final was held in Bishan of Chongqing. As one of the few competing manufacturers, Chery excelled among the more than 100 competing vehicles in over 40 professional teams thanks to the exceptional performance of TIGGO7, thus gaining the championship in 2017 COC final. Different from other manufacturers, Chery presented the free style in terms of the contestants in the event. Amateur racing cars and racers obtained Championship?

For a vehicle manufacturer in China, racing in COC needs courage. In particular, it is the first time for Chery to compete in some events. However, Chery not only sent amateur cars to the COC, but also sent TIGGO7, presenting the free-styled attitude. In June this year, Chery brought TIGGO7 to China Around Taklimakan (International) Rally. To the surprise of many people, TIGGO7 not only finalized the entire Rally known as Oriental Dakar, but also beat FAW Toyota Prado team to get the T2.1 Manufacturer Championship in 2017 China Around Taklimakan (International) Rally. In addition to the championship of 2017 COC Challenge Team and 2017 China Around Taklimakan (International) Rally Manufacturers Team, Chery also gained general championship in FASC 2017 Season Manufacturers Team, receiving the title for three years in a row.

It is worth noting that Chery team in COC final contained an amateur racer, whose name is Sun Baoli. He is an ordinary TIGGO7 owner. When attending the I Am Driver campaign organized by Chery, he excelled among the more than 30,000 Chery owners.

Amateur racers also competent

It is really rare to see the amateur racing car of TIGGO7 driven by an amateur racer winning the championship. TIGGO7 made wonderful performance in both COC and 2017 China Around Taklimakan (International) Rally, which revealed its all-road control given by the professional T1X of SUV models, thus proving the international strength of Chery products. The TIGGO7, which won the championship in 2017 China Around Taklimakan (International) Rally, has appearance close to batch-product vehicles. Its details are calibrated towards racing car. However, the power and chassis were not refitted. The racing car is equipped with 1.5T engine. The robust power output helps TIGGO7 drive on the flat ground in Hami Gobi, whose suspension is the same as the batch-production vehicles. However, improvements have been made in damping. The wonderful passing ability and control performance ensure TIGGO7 drove freely on Kubutage desert known as the Beheaded Sands.

It is known that TIGGO7 is the flagship model in Chery strategy 2.0. Since launched in the market, it has attracted many owners thanks to the robust product force. In the form of amateur racer and vehicle, Chery won the championship, reflecting its persistence in pursuit of high-quality products and techniques. It also reveals TiGGO7, representing the automobiles of China, has made wonderful quality improvement.

In addition to China’s market, TIGGO7 has been launched in Iran, Chile and U.A.E., etc. Thanks to the pioneering appearance, excellent control and highly-intelligent luxury quality, it has gained favor and recognition from overseas consumers. In the future, Chery will adopt the global market strategy to introduce TIGGO7 and more new models in overseas markets, thus improving the product portfolio. At the same time, through the rich branding and marketing campaigns, it will build the image of global automobile brand full of vigor and charm.
28 DEC2017
Robust Quality Helps Chery TIGGO7 Receive C-NCAP Five-star Result Again On December 26, 2017, China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC) released the evaluation results in the fourth batch of C-NCAP models and second batch of vehicle-mounted children restraint system. As the most representative model of Chery, TIGGO7 received five-star result with 56.6 scores. As a matter of fact, this is the seventh time for Chery to obtain such recognition, with ARRIZO5, TIGGO5, ARRIZO7, ARRIZO3, G3 and A3 receiving the five-star result before TIGGO7 did so. Chery establishes itself by constantly optimizing the industrial structure and upgrading its technologies and safety. As the authoritarian safety testing body in China, C-NCAP is the testing & evaluating rule developed by CATARC on the basis of studying and analyzing NCAP in other countries, which has made extensive technological exchanges and tests while considering automotive standards, laws and regulations, road traffic realities and model characteristics in China.

TIGGO7 attended the fourth-batch C-NCAP collision test in 2017, which has very extremely strict rules and follows the new evaluation rules of C-NCAP issued in 2015, in which the whiplash test takes the lowest score. First of all, scores will be deducted if the rear-seat dummy sinks after the collision; second, the evaluation raises the threshold value for four-star and five-star results, with five-star minimum score rising from 52 to 54. Besides, if fire breaks out in the vehicle within three minutes after the collision, star degradation will occur. Even more, higher requirements are raised for restraint system. As the representative SUV that combines the many advantages of T1X platform, TIGGO7, after experiencing the rounds of tests and matching verifications, proves its optimal performance. The six airbags provide the holistic protection or passengers and drivers. At the same time, TIGGO7 also provides the distinctive 360o monitoring system, including the four top-level active safety configurations, namely, BSD, LDW, LCA and RCTA to better prevent against traffic risks and protect safety of passengers and drivers.

TIGGO7 adopts the world-class integrated cage body structure featuring high strength. More than 60% of the body uses highly-strong steels and six key parts use highly-strong Benteler thermal-forming steels only used in luxury models, with super-highly-strong steels reaching 8%. The unique enclosed sub-frame structure improves collision stability and energy-absorbing characteristics.

Till today, TIGGO7 has been launched in Iran, Chile, U.A.E. and other countries, receiving great praise and recognition from overseas consumers. And it will be launched into more countries in the future. The C-NCAP five-star result gained by TIGGO7 proves again the best quality of Chery products, which will definitely trigger another round of safety upgrading in automobile industry and bring new opportunities for the brand.
18 DEC2017
Chery Tiggo 2, Tiggo 7 nominated for Chile's best awards of year On December 15, "Best Models of the Year" event took place in Chile. As two most representative models of Chery, Tiggo 2 and Tiggo 7 stood out from a number of branded models to be nominated for Chile's "Best SUV of the Year" and "Best Large SUV of the Year" respectively. (Tiggo 7 launched in Chile) As the most authoritative selection in Chile's automobile industry, the event attracted 57 models from a host of world-renowned automakers to compete for awards including "Best Model", "Best SUV" and "Best MPV". In the event, Tiggo 2 was nominated for the "Best SUV of the Year" as a representative A-segment SUV in Chile together with its peers from brands like Ford, Nissan, Kia and Citroen; Chery's another B-segment SUV-Tiggo 7 integrating the advantages of the T1X platform was nominated for the "Best Large SUV of the Year" against key models of world-renowned automakers like Mazda, Peugeot, Volkswagen and Skoda because of its tremendous comprehensive strength. The event covered several dimensions including product design, customer experience and technical safety. Having two models nominated for the best awards of the year further displays Chery's tremendous strength in the SUV field. (Trendy appearance of Tiggo 2) As the first Chinese auto brand that has entered the Chilean market, Chery has repaid local consumers with outstanding products and services. Previously Chile's renowned television station Canal 22 had made a feature on "Chinese brands in Chile over the past decade". The program introduced Chery models including Tiggo 2 and Tiggo 3, and interviewed Chery's consumers who spoke highly of Chery products. Thus, Chery is evidently influential in Chile.

Chery has been deepening its operations in overseas markets. Chery has exported more than 1.3 million units cumulatively to more than 80 countries and regions in the world, ranking as the largest passenger vehicle exporter for 14 consecutive years.Being nominated against world-renowned brands will create an opportunity for Chery to deepen its global strategy. It is foreseeable that Chery will increase its technology and service investment, to offer global consumers more diversified driving experiences.
29 NOV2017
Chery Exhibited All Series in Tehran Auto Show,ARRIZO5 EV Made Debut in Iran On November 27, 2017, the second International Tehran Auto Show was held in EXHIBIRAN of Iran. As Iran economy recovers growth, European manufacturers start to come back to Iran. 25 auto brands were seen in 2017 Tehran Auto Show, including Renault, VW, Toyota, Foton, BAIC, Chang’an, BYD and Haval. Nearly 100,000 audiences made presence on the first day of the Auto Show. Chery brought TIGGO and ARRIZO series. With profound brand foundation and product force, Chery stand attracted numerous audiences. ARRIZO5 EV, the new-energy model of Chery, made its debut in Iran, also attracting great attention. Because of its wonderful market performance and reputation, Iran consumers expect to see the introduction of Chery’s new-energy vehicles. (Tehran Auto Show) TIGGO series and ARRIZO5 were recognized and favored by local users because of their stylish appearance and international quality, thus building wonderful market reputation. In the ISQI analytical report of Iran, after-sales service and vehicle quality of Chery rank in the top position. TIGGO2 is favored by young consumers because of its leading product force in space, appearance, power and configurations. Since 2009, TIGGO3 has kept upgrading its quality and performance after replacing a few generations and building wonderful market reputation. TIGGO5 and TIGGO7 are high-end city SUV models developed by Chery by focusing on users so as to meet the users’ demands for life and work. ARRIZO5 won the title of Iran’s Best Model in A0 Auto Market selected by Donyaye khodo, the largest auto media in the country. (Tehran Auto Show) ARRIZO5 EV is the pure electric model that integrates the latest energy technologies, which was launched in China in this August. The model uses the permanent magnet synchronous motor, whose maximum power reaches 90kW, peak torque reaching 276Nm and maximum driving distance per charge exceeding 400km. In appearance, the model carries on the design language of ARRIZO5. The running-through arch-shaped front, double waistlines and wing-shaped crystal LED daytime lamps present its avant garde style. (Tehran Auto Show) To respond to the Belt & Road Initiative of China, Chery has built the Automobile Industrial Park in Iran that covers 1.2 million square meters. It has five workshops, namely, power assembly, welding, coating, plastic components and general assembly, employing 2,500 local employees and having annual capacity of 60,000 units. In 2016, Chery kicked off the construction of its phase II project with annual capacity of 100,000 units, which is expected to be completed by 2018. Upon completion, the Industrial Park will introduce many automatic equipment such as robots to manufacture vehicles while attracting high-tech, logistic and service suppliers and companies into the Industrial Park, such as those specialized in engines, gearbox, bumpers and other auto parts and components, machinery and mechatronics. In this way, it will establish the regional manufacturing cluster to lead upgrading of Iran’s automobile equipment.

Since its presence in Iran market in 2004, Chery has sold more than 300,000 units in the country, having nearly 300 sales and service agents in Iran. Sales of Chery account for half of all China’s auto manufacturers operating in Iran, becoming a brand only after IKCO and SAIPA and the largest JV manufacturer in Iran.

As WWW+ global market strategy is implemented, Chery is also planning to launch new-energy models in Iran, Middle East and other overseas markets. Relying on the international technologies and high-quality products, it will bring more diverse vehicle life for global users while contributing to protecting the global environment.
26 NOV2017
Chery Won Overseas Marketing Award of CIPRA The 13th China Golden Awards for Excellence in Public Relations held the 2017 Awarding Ceremony in Beijing on November 24. With “the case of overseas marketing and communications of Chery brands and products”, Chery won the Overseas Marketing Award, meaning its brand power is again recognized by authoritarian organ. Deputy General Manager Du Weiqiang of Chery International was present at the Awarding Ceremony, saying it is the common wish of all people for China’s automobile brands to get into the international market. While responding to China’s Belt & Road Initiative, Chery, based on its own international strategy, always takes the open-minded and innovative attitudes to integrate global resources while combining its own wisdom with the wisdom of its Chinese partners and global partners, thus generating the new approach to international development of China’s brands. (Deputy General Manager Du Weiqiang of Chery International receives the award) China Golden Awards for Excellence in Public Relations was established and hosted by China International Public Relations Association, CIPRA. Many companies among Fortune World Top 500, government departments of China and professional PR organs are active to make evaluation and selections. Since this August, the Organizing Committee has received nearly 200 cases from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. After the 13 authoritarian judges from academic, business and media communities and PR companies made closed-door evaluation, Chery was granted with the Overseas Marketing Award. According to the Organizing Committee, Chery, “which has made overseas marketing of its brands and products by adopting innovation thinking and pioneering meaning, has established an effective benchmark for China’s automobile brands to compete in the world”. (Award winners) Since the first Chery automobile was sold to Syria 16 years ago in 2001, Chery products are now sold to more than 80 countries and regions in the world, operating 10 overseas KD factories and exporting more than 1.3 million units in total. For 14 years in a row, Chery is the largest exporter of passenger vehicles in China.

By organizing diverse marketing activities, such as sport marketing, celebrity endorsement and sponsorship, Chery has conveyed to global consumers its young and dynamic image. By combining the brand spirit and sport spirit, Chery in 2012 went into sport marketing partnership with Iran Olympics Committee. In 2016, Chery donated vehicles to all Olympics gold medal winners of Iran. After that, Chery sponsored National Team of Egypt. In 2016, the manufacturer sponsored the Derby of Argentina. In 2017, it won attention from nearly 100 million audiences by sponsoring Club Deportivo Universidad Católica, Argentina FA Cup and TV broadcasting right of Spanish League, which helped Chery brands win favor and recognition from global consumers. It has gained wonderful fame and extensive praise in the international market. (Overseas Marketing Award Cup) For years, Chery has been active to engage in innovative brand building and product marketing, thus greatly improving its brand fame and reputation. Chery has won the title of Most Respected Chinese Companies granted by Fortune Magazine, Award of Best Market Performance and Best Marketing in Belgrade Auto Show, the title of Most Popular Automobile Brand of China in Russia for two years in a row, and the first place of Iran Excellence Award in Digital Marketing – Automobiles. Thanks to its excellent quality and service, Chery is widely recognized by consumers and media in overseas market, thus gaining wonderful world reputation. In Chile, TIGGO5 has not only won the Nomination Award of Best SUV for 2015, but also received the Gold Prize in Effie Awards in Chile because of its video advertisement entitled Vive La Experiencia Chery. In Peru, TIGGO3 won the title of “Model of Best Sales Performance for 2015”. TIGGO family of Chery won the SUV Gold Prize for 2016. In Japan, TIGGO7 won the Grand Award of Best Automobile of China in Batch Production for 2016, which was granted by CARSTYLING, the world-class authoritarian magazine of automobile appearance design. In the future, Chery will, by launching more products and establishing more sophisticated and effective product portfolio, will help global consumers fully enjoy driving and witness the unique charm of China’s automobile brands.
16 NOV2017
Chery Sent Relief Supplies to Quake-stricken Areas in Iran (First batch of relief supplies got ready) (The second batch of relief supplies were being loaded) On the evening of November 12, a 7.3-magniture earthquake struck border area between Iraq and Iran, with the epicenter in mountain areas 32km to the southwest of Halabja in the north of Iraq, which is close to western border of Iran. Till now, 445 people have been killed and over 6,000 injured in the quake, which leaves about 70,000 local people homeless. Rescue workers are now working painstakingly to look for survivors in the golden time of rescue. After learning the quake happened, Chery Iran went into quick relief action. Up to now, Chery Iran and its dealers in Western region have purchased relief goods worth 30,000 USD, most of which are drinking water, bread, date, rice and other life necessities,and they transported these relief goods to the quake-stricken area overnight. At the same time, it has sent the second-batch relief goods to the area. Stimulated by Chery dealers, other companies and individuals in the region also purchased relief goods or helped transport the goods. The humanity care shown by Chery brand has given greater confidence to local people to overcome the disaster. Chery Iran is continuing its relief efforts. After that, Chery will send volunteers to help with relief in the region, thus functioning as a model in the local relief work. (Relief goods on the way) (Relief goods were being distributed) After 13 years’ hard work, Chery has become the largest foreign automobile manufacturer in Iran, receiving extensive support and favor from local consumers. At the same time, Chery is also active to take its CSR. In the large earthquake in the West of Iran in 2012, Chery moved quickly to establish the relief service team and sent it to the quake-hit region, bringing tents, food and vehicles to quake-impacted people and helping them go through the difficult period. Besides, Chery also organized other charity campaigns, such as supporting Iran Olympic delegation to compete in the Olympics, providing wedding vehicle for young couples, and subsidizing impoverished and sick people and children quitting schools. After that, Chery will organize more relief activities to contribute greater efforts to rebuilding in the quake-stricken areas.
03 NOV2017
Chery Made Presence in Lima Auto Show On October 26, Lima Auto Show was held in Jockey Exhibition Center after the previous session was held three years ago. The event attracted more than 50 automobile brands from all over the world and nearly one million visitors. As one of the largest auto shows in the region, Lima Auto Show has a long history in Peru and Latin America, regarded as the best venue and entrance for major auto brands to enter local market. Chery presented eight models in the event, including TIGGO2, TIGGO3 and TIGGO5. (Chery stand) The extraordinary design and attractive models brought many visitors and querying consumers to Chery stand. After watching these models and learning about details, local consumers said they were most attracted by the fascinating appearance and large space of TIGGO series, and felt assured of their travels because of the high-tech configurations and excellent safety performance. (Chery stand) Chery products have covered the mainstream segmented market in Peru. By making presence in Lima Auto Show, Chery consolidates the brand reputation in local market, showing its ambition and strength to explore market in South America. Chery has attracted so much attention because it keeps making technical innovations while making adaptive development and improvements according to the environment and features of Peru users so as to provide the best and most advanced products. It is worth noting the TIGGO products displayed in the Auto Show are sold in more than 80 countries and regions. With one million users in the world, it has become a popular model. 70,000 TIGGO3 units have been sold in Iran. For four years in a row, it won the title of Best-selling Model for the Year in Peru. Besides, TIGGO5 became a candidate for the Best SUV Model for 2014 in Chile before it won the Effie Awards in Chile, meaning the product quality is highly recognized by consumers and market. TIGGO2, which was launched globally in the beginning of this year, received huge orders and great favor in Peru, Chile, Peru and Russia because of its appearance, practical use and high cost effectiveness (Gold Award of SUV Products for 2016 by Nitro, an auto magazine in Peru) Since entering Peru market in 2007, Chery has ranked No. 1 among China’s auto brands operating in Peru. In 2017, Nitro, the famous auto magazine in Peru, gave the title of Gold Award for SUV products for 2016 to TIGGO family, recognizing the power of the products. As the new-generation Chery products are put into use in 2018, TIGGO series will have new models in it to form more diverse product matrix and effectively improve the market share and brand influence of Chery’s SUV products in Peru. In the future, Chery will organize more marketing activities to improve brand image and fame.
02 NOV2017
Chery wins "Olympic gold medal for quality" on behalf of China At the 2017 International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC 2017) held in Manila, the Philippines from October 24 to 30, the Chinese "dream team" comprising Chery, Haier, Huawei and other enterprises was eye-catching. Chery won the top award-Gold Award for QC Team on behalf of China. (Chery delegation) Hailed as the international quality Olympics, ICQCC is the top platform for QC activity release. Every year, it attracts outstanding QC teams from across the world to exchange the experience and practices of quality control and promote the common progress of quality control and practitioners.

Held in the Philippines, ICQCC 2017 brought together QC team representatives, and quality experts and scholars from 13 member countries and regions including China, Japan, Korea, India, Singapore and the Philippines, as well as a number of observing countries. China sent 22 enterprises including CASC, CNNP, Huawei, Chery and Haier for the international quality event. Chery's opponents were from Japan and Korea.

Through fierce competition, "Reducing the Non-conformance Rate of Standard Heads in T15 Development", the QC project submitted by Chery's QC team comprising Wang Zhijie, Zhao Fuming, Liu Hualin and Wu Zhengkuo, stood out to win the gold award by overwhelming advantage. This was another international award won by Chery after it attended the 15th Asian Network for Quality as one of the five representatives of the China Association for Quality and the only representative from China's auto industry. (Conference scene) Behind the award are Chery's persistent efforts on product quality and quality control. Since its establishment in 2006, Chery's QC team has tackled the problems of manufacturing quality, after-sales quality and product quality, and handled customer complaints. The project covered lifecycle quality improvement including product quality, supplier quality, manufacturing quality, after-sales quality and system quality. The team has implemented 33 quality projects, won 9 industrial awards and 7 national awards, applied for more than 30 national patents and published more than 10 quality papers, and won a number of honors including National Quality Model in Machinery Industry and National QC Model in Machinery Industry. (Plaque of Recognition) QC capacity is a comprehensive test to the overall system capacity of an enterprise. During the strategic transformation over the years, Chery has focused on system capacity building. Chery has optimized and straightened out nine management operation systems including quality, R&D and marketing, and comprehensively practiced globalized CPS (Chery Production System) and TPM (Total Production Management) to deepen system capacity building. Now Chery has developed a complete system process, established a model of double-matrix development management integrating "ten professional lines" with "five product lines", and formed a "V"-shaped process for vehicle development, laying a solid foundation for quality product and outstanding brand building.

Chery's 3MIS IPTV (3 Months in Service Incidents per Thousand Vehicles) level is 25 points, far above independent brands and superior to some mainstream joint venture brands. Outstanding quality control and first-class forward development system have propped up Chery, making it competitive against mainstream joint venture brands.
17 SEP2017
Chery EXEED TX making Frankfurt Auto Show debut On 12 September, Chery’s latest high-end product family EXEED and its first model EXEED TX were launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which has drawn great attention from global media. Besides German media, the media from Britain, the U.S.A., the Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, Indonesia and Mexico also reported the debut of EXEED and EXEED TX, thinking that EXEED TX’s design and configuration are able to meet European market demands, and speculating that EXEED possibly competes with Audi. Germany’s Hamburger Abendblatt reported that Chinese automobile manufacturers are desired to European market; Chery has shown its confidence in the Frankfurt Motor Show, and is likely to be a leading new energy automobile manufacturer. Britain’s Auto Express indicated in a report themed with “Chery Exeed TX SUV makes Frankfurt Motor Show debut” that “Exeed TX will introduce a brand new design language for European market. ” Britain’s indicated in a report themed with “Chery Exeed TX confirmed as first Europe-bound Chinese SUV” that “Asian brand’s latest attempt to break into Europe with model that’s on show at the Frankfurt show.” America’s Automotive News Europe, a specialized automobile media headquartered in Detroit Motown, made an atlas for Exeed TX and commented that “The TX compact SUV will be the first car from Chery Automobile's new Exceed nameplate. Chery plans to launch the TX in Europe within the next few years as part of its global expansion. ” America’s reported that “Chery has presented the model focused on the European market – the Exceed TX crossover.” Australia’s indicated in a report themed with “Exeed TX claimed to have been created for Europe could spearhead return to Australia” (The EXCEED TX, which claims to have been designed for the European market, may turn back to Australia) that “Chinese car-maker Chery has pulled the drapes off a new concept for a flagship SUV it hopes will herald a sales breakthrough in Europe. Called the Exeed TX, the new SUV was revealed alongside the Tiggo Coupe SUV coupe – a concept for a luxurious SUV coupe – at the Frankfurt motor show overnight.”

Such report also mentioned the power performance of the Exeed TX new energy vehicle: “the Exeed TX PHEV capable of hitting 100km/h in less than 6.0 seconds before topping out at 200km/h.” As for Exeed TX’s market positioning, gave its guess that “It’s not clear where Chery plans to position its SUV in the market: whether it will be a natural rival for the Kia Sorento or Hyundai Santa Fe or whether it is aiming at more premium rivals from Volkswagen, or even Audi.” Denmark’s is a Denmark’s mainstream newspapers with a history of more than 130 years. It published the group photo of president of Chery Tongyao YIN and Exeed TX, and commented that: “Chinese auto brands are marching towards Europe. Chery Exeed TX looks to be an advanced artistic model in many aspects. Chery Exeed TX has such functions as interconnection and automatic parking, but it is not clear if it will be launched in Denmark. The Netherlands’s reported that “Several weeks ago, Chery has disclosed that Chery is to launch a new product family to conquer European market. Today, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, its name was released: EXEED. Its first SUV is named EXEED TX. Indonesia’s reported in details Chery’s EXEED product family and its first model EXEED TX, and EXEED TX’s powertrain, configuration and parameters. It reported that: “Frankfurt Motor Show, as an international-class motor show, produces various exciting news, for example, the birth of EXEED. EXEED is Chery’s latest product family. Currently, Chery is selling Chery QQ, Chery TIGGO, etc. in Indonesia. EXEED’s maximum value lies in its superb interconnection system, enjoyment of driving and inner space design. ” Mexico’s reported that Chery will try its luck with its latest product family EXEED in Europe, and EXEED TX is its first model. It reported that: “Several days ago, they have reported the news that Chery is to participate in the Frankfurt Motor Show. Now, the day has come. Chery made its debut with its latest SUV EXEED TX with three versions: hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric and pure electric.” Moreover, the report made a detailed introduction to EXEED TX’s relevant parameter configuration, and emphasized the support from such famous vendors as BOSCH, DANA, BorgWarner, etc., which can guarantee its high quality for European market.
13 SEP2017
Chery EXEED debut in the 67th IAA Cars Frankfurt/Main On 12 September, the 67th IAA Cars Frankfurt/Main was kicked off in Messe Frankfurt. Chery Automobile, themed with “Fun to Drive, Experience Future with Chery”, exhibited its 4 blockbuster models and 3 powertrains in Frankfurt. On the press day, Chery launched its latest high-end product family “EXEED” and its first model EXEED TX (internal code M31T). (Chery EXEED TX Product Launch) AA Cars Frankfurt/Main, as a world-class auto show, known as its technology and specialization, is an important stage for the global automobile companies to launch their strategic products. Besides its world premiere EXEED TX, Chery also exhibited “TIGGO coupe concept” with the forward-looking vehicle-making concept, major model TIGGO 7 and its upcoming TIGGO 5x. 3 powertrains (1.6TGDI+7DCT, 1.5TCI+7HDT (hybrid electric) and a new energy EV powertrain) fully showed Chery’s 20-year vehicle-making strength and the future 3.0-stage layout.

EXEED high-end product family, first masterpiece of Chery strategy 3.0 products, makes its debut

EXEED is a high-end product family that Chery conforms to current upgrading consumption trend. It aims at domestic mid-to-high end market and international mainstream market to develop in accordance with the global standard. EXEED TX is the first model among the high-end product family, as well as the first masterpiece of Chery 3.0 strategy.

Chery’s EXEED product family has four significant characteristics: The appearance and interior, with the upgrading version of “Life in Motion” design, highlight the sense of quality and delicacy; The product development is based on the latest M3X high-performance platform; Chery 3.0 powertrain is provided with traditional gasoline engine, and will use pure electric and plug-in hybrid electric technologies; The advanced intelligent interconnection technology uses the latest artificial intelligent in-vehicle interactive system, which is jointly developed by Chery and Baidu. EXEED high-end products involve several models: 5-seat A+ class SUV, 7-seat mid-class SUV, B class coupe, A+ class coupe, etc. (The Appearance of Chery EXEED TX) As the first model of EXEED product family, EXEED TX highlights Chery 3.0 products’ “excellent genes” - its overall modelling demonstrates Chery’s design concept of “Life in Motion”, with remarkable identifiability and family characteristics. The model, with Chery’s third-generation 1.6TGDI+7DCT “platinum-level” power combination, can realize its 0-100 m acceleration time of less than 10 seconds; PHEV model, with “1.5TCI+7HDT”, can provide two types of driving modes: hybrid electric mode and pure electric mode. Under the hybrid electric mode, its maximum speed is up to 200KM/H, and its fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 1.8L. Under the pure electric mode, its maximum speed is up to 120KM/H, its endurance mileage is up to 70KM, and it can complete the quick charge of 80% electric quantity within 30 minutes.

One of EXEED TX’s remarkable characteristics is that it is Chery’s first product with AI (Artificial Intelligence). Chery has been keeping the open cooperation with some non-traditional automobile companies and technology enterprises in the intelligent interconnection sector, and part of outcomes have been applied to new-generation products. The latest artificial intelligent in-vehicle interactive system for EXEED is provided with various “black technologies”, such as intelligent voice interaction system for identifying 70+ languages, AR navigation, face identification, etc., which makes Chery keep ahead of the counterparts in the application of intelligent interconnection technology. (The Interior of Chery EXEED TX) Besides Chery’s 3.0 product EXEED TX, Chery’s 2.0 products TIGGO 5x and TIGGO 7 were also eye-catching. TIGGO 5x and TIGGO 7 are developed based on Chery T1X platform. TIGGO 7 has been launched in the overseas market in August, 2017. The upcoming TIGGO 5x is the mass-produced model of Chery’s concept β vehicle, positioning as “SUV with leading intelligent technologies and superb driving enjoyment”, which has product advantages in such sectors as leading technologies, fashionable design and superb driving enjoyment. TIGGO 5x is designed in accordance with European E-NACP five-star safety standard, and provided with 6D-BODY vehicle body structure, Bentler ultrahigh strength hot-forming steels, 6R longitudinal beam frame, etc., so it can meet the safety standards in the laws and regulations of various countries and regions such as Europe, Latin America, etc. (Chery TIGGO 5x) TIGGO coupe concept which represents Chery’s future vehicle-making philosophy, fastback coupe modelling, with such elements as sense of motion, family design style, double doors, multi-function steering wheel, 4D seats, etc., shows Chery’s future-oriented forward-looking design and Chery’s thoughts about the future automobile life. TIGGO coupe concept SUV (EV version) uses the up-to-date electrically-driven module architecture, with maximum power of 120kW, 0-100 m acceleration time of 7”, maximum speed of over 200 km/h, and endurance mileage of 500km, and supports wireless charging technology. (Chery’s TIGGO coupe concept) Establish joint ventures with core technologies, lead the future with intelligent interconnection One of the important reasons that Chery is able to develop high-end products in accordance with global standard is ascribed to its profound tehnical support. Chery has established a V-shaped forward development process and a global research and development system, and has made overall technical breakthroughs in such sectors as platform, power, intelligent interconnection, new energy, etc. and formed a vital technology ecology system.

Being one of automobile companies which took the lead in launching a complete leading product platform planning in China, Chery has applied its three platforms (M1X, T1X, NEV) into production, for example, EXEED TX uses Chery’s latest M3X platform. M3X platform is a high-performance platform on a par with international first-class platforms, which is compatible with coupe and SUV models, and can develop traditional power and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle models. Its expandable flexible bandwidth contributes to realizing Chery’s trans-brand strategy layout. At Chery’s 3.0 stage, Chery will possess a “platform matrix” including T1X, M1X, M3X, NEV (pure electric platform), etc., which can make various types of derivatives, be compatible with various use functions, and support the drive by various energy sources, and can complete development and production of such models as compact seden, compact SUV, small-sized SUV, medium-sized sedan and SUV and pure electric vehicles.

In the engine technology sector, Chery has established a complete powertrain technology development system, and has created a famous engine brand ACTECO; moreover, 6 of Chery’s engines have been awarded “China Ten Best Engines”. Chery’s engines were exported to the U.S.A. since 2006, and are currently available in more than 40 countries and regions, such as Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, India, Germany, Japan, etc. The total export volume of engines is more than 400,000. Chery’s engines took the lead in winning global market including European and American developed countries. (Chery’s High-performance Third-generation Engine) 1.6TGDI engine is Chery’s third-generation high-performance engine, and its main technical indicators have reached or exceeded that of some international luxury brand engines at the same segment. Such engine has outstanding power performance, with maximum power of 190-218 horsepower and peak torque of 275-320N·m, on a par with that of 3.0L six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine; moreover, its heat efficiency is up to industrially top level. Such engine will provide core technology support for Chery’s strategy 3.0 product family. 1.5TCI engine is Chery’s water-cooled in-line four-stroke turbocharged engine with the power of 110 kW / 5500 rpm, which is equipped with Getrag 7-speed Hybrid Dual-clutch Transmission (HDT) and permanent magnet synchronous motor with maximum REV of 7500 rpm, and characterized by its excellent transmission performance, efficient fuel economy and industrially-leading heat efficiency level (37.1%). Such engine is mainly applied to Chery’s major models.

Chery’s new energy EV PWT system uses the up-to-date electrically-driven module architecture; its powertrain system is derived from 1 set of permanent magnet synchronous motor, with maximum power of 120kW, peak torque of 350N.m, and maximum REV of 12,000 rpm. Its battery uses NCM cell with high energy density and international standard modules; its battery case uses all-aluminum lightweight design. Such system can realize 0-100 m acceleration time of 7", maximum speed of more than 200 km/h, and endurance mileage of 500km.

Chery has made breakthroughs in the traditional technology sector, and also made a layout in such new technology sectors as new energy, intelligent interconnection, big data, cloud computing, etc. to create its leading advantages. In the intelligent interconnection technology sector, Chery is researching and developing some new technologies, such as gesture control, face identification, eye tracking, AR-HUD (Augmented Reality Head-Up Display), intelligent cab, etc. Such EXEED TX is provided with the new-generation intelligent system which is jointly developed by Chery and Baidu. Furthermore, Chery is China’s earliest enterprise to perform V2X technology research, and has completed 2 generations of system development, and is developing the third-generation Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System (CVIS), which has entered its small-lot demonstration stage. (Eye Tracking Technology) n the self-piloting technology sector, Chery has developed 2 generations of self-piloting automobile with proprietary intellectual property rights. The pilotless automobile which is jointly developed by Chery and Baidu has made debut in the World Internet Conference held in Wuzhen Town in 2016, and has realized its demonstrative operation successfully. Up till now, the new-generation self-piloting automobile under development will be deeply integrated with the artificial intelligence technology. In the big data and cloud computing sectors, Chery has established an academician workstation in 2014 to do research into the product design based on internet and big data technology, and a joint laboratory for big data analysis with relevant universities to do research into driving behavior analysis, analysis and prediction of vehicle conditions, cloud safety technology, etc. The above-mentioned forward-looking technologies will be applied to more Chery’s strategy 3.0 products, for the purpose of creating exquisite human-vehicle life for global consumers.

Prepare for building European R&D center,accelerate its “global strategy”

With the long-term strategy of “creating internationally first-class brand”, Chery has been ranking first in the export of passenger vehicles in 14 consecutive years in China, and will seek for the broader, more high-end global mainstream markets like Europe and America. On the 67th IAA Cars Frankfurt/Main, Chery knocked at the door of European market with its blockbuster products, for the purpose of preparing for entering the mainstream market with the highest threshold and the highest significance in its “global strategy”.

According to Chery’s “three-stage” strategy of internationalization, at the future 3.0 stage, Chery will deepen its global market layout into really core overseas developed markets, being a globally-competitive company. Chery hopes, within 3-5 years, to get into European and American mainstream markets, especially into European market firstly. On the 67th IAA Cars Frankfurt/Main, Chery disclosed that Chery is preparing for building a R&D Center and sales network in Europe, for the purpose of laying a solid foundation for the future entry into European market. (Chery’s Global Layout) European market is a highly-mature automobile market, with extremely-strict safety and environmental protection standard. To stand out of such a highly-competitive market, a new automobile brand shall reach requirements in technology and quality, and also shall have its own brand characteristics and reach internationally-leading level in such sectors as intelligent interconnection, new energy, etc. Chery’s 2.0 representative products and 3.0 new products, and Chery’s advanced technologies such as powertrain and intelligent interconnection, etc. vividly interpreted such trend that Chery will accelerate product and technology upgrading and brand upgrading in accordance with global market standard.

Chery’s brand concept of “Fun to Drive” and upgrade version “Life in Motion” design bring EXEED TX very precision group and market positioning, which complies with the trend of global consumption upgrading and young people orientation. Its appearance modelling conforms with international aesthetic trend and displays dynamic self-confident oriental esthetics, which is favored by global young consumers. Chery’s mature 2.0 products, such as TIGGO 7, ARRIZO 5, etc., have been promoted their brand added-value through continuous upgrading to expand the broader global market. Up to now, Chery has exported nearly 1,300,000 vehicles, accounting for 1/3 of China’s automobile export. Its products are available in more than 80 countries and regions. Moreover, Chery has built nearly 1,500 overseas sales service networks, and 10 overseas production bases.

From the perspective of the 67th IAA Cars Frankfurt/Main, Chery has showed its 20-year innovation achievements in such sectors as products, technology, internationalization, etc. from its 2.0 stage to 3.0 stage. With Frankfurt as its new starting point, Chery will adhere to the vision of “creating outstanding brand with originality”, integrate global resources with innovative thoughts, launch more high quality products to global market, promote brand image and brand value, and march towards the goal of creating a globally-competitive “international first-class brand”.
08 SEP2017
Chery Designated to Serve BRICS Summit CHERY as Designated Car Provider for BRICS XIAMEN SUMMIT Chery Designated to Serve BRICS Summit CHERY as Designated Car Provider for BRICS XIAMEN SUMMIT In Sep 5th, the 9th BRICS summit, themed on Stronger BRICS Partnership for a Brighter Future, was successfully completed in Xiamen. Due to the exceptional product power, Chery was designated to serve the event, providing transport service for VIP participants. (Chery“BRICS Summit” designated car delivery ceremony) As China continues to deepen the Belt & Road Initiative, the country hosts BRICS Leaders Meeting in Xiamen in 2017. Emerging economies as members of BRICS and developing countries along the Belt &Road will work together to boost global economy, thus bringing great opportunities for Chery’s development. It is well known that, since BRICS partnership was established, one decade has passed, seeing their cooperation in various fields. In the golden decade of BRICS, Chery also worked hard to respond to the national strategy of China. As a representative of China brands, Chery is the first to export the vehicles, parts and components, engines, automobile manufacturing technologies and automobile assembly technologies to other countries. By 2016, Chery has business in more than 80 countries and regions in the world, having nearly 1,500 overseas sales and service networks and 10 overseas KD factories, exporting 1.25 million units and ranking as China’s largest exporter of passenger vehicles for 14 consecutive years. As a result, Chery’s service networks can be found anywhere Chery products are sold.

In Russia, Chery has established marketing centers in more than 60 cities, having over 200,000 Chery automobile owners and winning the title of Best Automobile Brand twice in Russia. In Brazil, Chery is the first automobile manufacturer from China that established factory in the country. At present, Chery owns two production bases and one spare-part center in the region. In Africa, Chery entered local market in 2003; in 2009, the manufacturer signed strategic partnership agreement with local partners in South Africa, expanding its influence gradually. In India, Chery and Jaguar Land Rover set up a local enterprise. In the future, they will get into deeper cooperation to explore larger market share. (TIGGO 7 of Chery) Besides, Chery focuses on quality-oriented and leading technologies, to build China brand with international competitiveness. Thanks to years of efforts, Chery now owns leading vehicle technologies and supplier system, taking the leading position in the world in terms of design, raw materials and quality. Representing the new height of China brands and with exceptional product force, TIGGO 7 of Chery excels among the many brands, becoming designated vehicle for BRICS Leaders Meeting in Xiamen. As the representative product of Chery’s strategic transformation, TIGGO 7 is based on all-new technologies, which reaches world standard in technologies, performance and quality. Thanks to the leading technologies pattern, quality and power, TIGGO 7 revealed its extraordinary control and charm to the world by serving BRICS Leaders Meeting in Xiamen.

Success of the meeting represents a new start and standard for Chery’s presence in the overseas market. Chery will continue to focus on user experience to build the new image of China automobiles with better-quality products, more competitive brands and more convenient and considerate service.
28 AUG2017
Chery New Flagship will debut Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 with its sketching exposed Chery declared that M31T, one mysterious high-end SUV, would debut during the Frankfurt Motor Show this September, greeting the European market with the blockbuster. After unveiling the M31T lightmap, Chery further revealed its sketching, such that the audience could fully find the top quality and high-end A+ SUV in line with global R&D criteria, and further explore into the higher level of Chery 3.0 design style. (Chery M31T sketching) As the sketching shows, M31T reflects Chery design philosophy of “Life in motion” in terms of the overall design. Thanks to the application of the unique body design language of Hydro Dynamic Surfacing, it enjoys notable identity and family feature. The LED strip lights running through the auto front connect with the straight headlight, also corresponding with the LED strip lights running through the trail, which could be easily associated with Chery typical design of the earlier FV2030 concept car and Tiggo coupe concept SUV, which makes the SUV look wider with better stability. The dragon scale design at the front grill gives fully play to the waves’ aesthetics as it fully inherits the hydrodynamic aesthetics of the earlier concept cars. The oversize alloy wheel hub with overstated shape is so fashionable and aggressive that it could not only reflect the sense of design, but indicate its great sports feature. (Chery M31T sketching) M31T interiors follow two-tone design, presenting a new appearance via standing out its high-end European quality and delicacy. The overall interiors look neat and tidy by virtue of smooth line. The overall interiors reflect the modern aesthetics and high-end craftmanship via the spreading choice leather and fine chromeplate frame. 10 inch LCD, 7 inch LCD dashboard, and exquisite electronic gearshift that could be only found in BMW, Benz and the like luxury brands, such configurations bring pleasant impression and hand touch, capable of satisfying the consumers’ experience demand on the personalized, sci-tech and luxury interior. ((Chery M31T Sketch Design) What is noteworthy, M31T enjoys strong intelligent interconnection function, which is also one of the critical genes among Chery new 3.0 product matrix. It is learned that M31T will be equipped with the car networking system developed together with Baidu. The system enjoys numerous black technologies to realize the man-machine interaction, M31T may, tagged with top-quality, new energy and new technology, evolve into one epoch-making product of watershed significance among Chery product portfolio, leading Chery to new stage of top quality product development in line with the international mainstream and China middle and high-end market demand.
12 JUL2017
Chery Independently-developed ECU Engines exported to USA As the world’s second largest automobile market, USA has very strict market access requirements. In particular, it has extremely strict laws and regulations for engines as the core part of automobiles. Access to US market is one of the most important symbols that prove whether an automobile brand is recognized globally. On June 30, 2017, Chery exported the first 500 engines of independently developed electronic control system to US. ECU system, brain of these engines, is developed by Chery on its own, thus breaking the long-term monopoly by overseas technologies and showcasing the strong power of China products. In 2006, Chery exported 2,000 engines to Generac, a company in the US, marking the first time for China engines to be exported to the overseas market. After winning recognition in developed markets, Chery engines were exported to Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, India, Germany, Japan and other countries. Its clients include many companies in Fortune World Top 500. Till today, 150,000 units have been exported. Thanks to the excellent quality, timely delivery and perfect technical service, etc., Chery has won a few honorary titles from its clients, including Award of Best Technical Support and World Best Partner, etc.

Relying on the solid technical foundation, the exported engines have all control tactics and operating parameters defined by Chery on its own. As the core part in automobiles, it means the automobile manufacturer and other suppliers have to follow and refer to the settings made by Chery to some degree. Besides, ECU (Electronic Control Unit), which is equivalent to human brain, is also developed and manufactured by Chery, breaking the monopoly made by overseas producers. Till today, automobile industry in China owns the “control brain”in the genuine way for the first time, which can be used on automobiles of China brands and be exported to world vehicle industries. In this way, the high-end core technologies and products of China-brand automobiles have been exported to developed regions strong in automobile industry, thus considerably improving the brand image of China products.

Since entering the Chery Strategy 2.0, Chery has kept upgrading its products and technologies by making good use of its powerful brand strength. In this way, it gains capacity in advanced core technologies and automobile products. As Chery 2.0 products are delivered in the world, Chery products and brands are gaining recognition from more overseas consumers. For example, the TIGGO 2 already launched in Peru, Chile, Iran, Russia are favored by consumers because of wonderful quality. In the evaluation of Enterprise with Best Overseas Image made by the Information Office of the State Council in 2016, Chery ranks No. 1 in machinery manufacturing industry for two consecutive years. The export of Chery engines to US lays a solid foundation for China automobile enterprises to participate in global competition of automobile industry and for China’s automobile brands to enter markets in EU and US.