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Every car born in Chery is a vision, a dream that turns into reality at the hands of the Chery design team. At the core of Chery Design lie four dynamics: Proportion, Branding, Design Language and Quality. Each ingeniously infused with Chinese elements.

The design consciously avoids any unnecessary glorification of Chery. The design is rather influenced by Chery's profound understanding of consumer preference, cultural background and market trends. Systems and process, completely created to match international standards, also drive the designs to a great extent.


Chery Design merges Golden Proportion with the car proportion. The integrated design conception derives its inspiration from the vigorous and graceful motion of galloping horses. Free-spirited yet elegant. The lines are dynamic and streamlined; the car body looks ready to run.

Streamlined design from tail lamps to the license plate is a reflection of the front face. The design conception strengthens horizontal width effect of the car proportion and provides an impressive overall appearance.


Like humans, every brand has a unique soul, a distinct personality. Chery, the auto brand from China, portrays a brand DNA derived from Chinese elements. These elements have become an essential identity, forever reflecting throughout its design. It provides a soul to every car designed by Chery.

Influence of Chinese elements in Concept α:

Element of Yin and Yang

The design, internal fender vents in the new logo of Concept α, shows “the interacation between Yin and Yang as well as birth and change of all creatures” in Chinese Taoist culture.

Element of Lounge Bridge

The front face of Concept α introduces the element of lounge bridge from ancient Chinese architecture to make the front part grander and produce a strong visual impact force.

Chery Design is dedicated to creating "spirit"-based shape rather than shape-based shape, and introducing a unique soul to every car model.

Design language

Element of Water

Water features prominently in Chery's design language. The idea is to derive inspiration from nature's composing and soothing element - water, widely advocated by the traditional Chinese culture. The inherent water flow quite obviously features itself in the design of Concept α. The side curves of Concept α adopt advanced design of simple, flowing, exquisite, wavy and other effects of water for hard waist line and soft beauty.


Chery firmly believes that quality lies in details and hence Chery design pursues for flawless details. Quality is not a by product, it is designed. To this end, the design values artistic pleasure for the eyes, i.e. delicacy for the visible places and reasonability for the hidden places.

Every model of Chery has gone through hand sketching and rendering, 1:4 clay model verification and plan screening, 1:1 clay model verification and optimization, CAS model making, virtual examination and repeated scrutiny of every link - to manufacture excellent and quality cars in China.

Chery Design is not just about outer appearance, it is a quest for a unique soul that represents true Chinese strength at an advanced level. Under “Chery Technology, Positive System", Chery is creating a brand DNA, step-by-step, through its own understanding about cars.