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Why Chery > iAuto > Cloud Drive

CLOUDRIVE 1.0, the first-generation product under Cloudrive, opens up for you a world of driving inspired by the internet era. With trendy design conception and solutions, the cloud network aims to empower and enhance your driving, transform your car from just a travel tool to a partner with human intelligence that is geared to meet all your living needs.

The system is a 360-degree smart housekeeping system with an intelligent sensing database for driving based on cloud technology. It achieves seamless connection with mobile internet, personal and practical driving environment as well as true housekeeping service for driving. All by innovatively and perfectly merging vehicle entertainment system and CanBus Driving System through cloud technology.

Bringing together natural voice system and personal interfacing design, it can also achieve intelligent driving safety with the help of cloud-based remote monitoring. Through intelligent technology of human-car interaction, integrated entertainment and amazing future sense, it creates an unparalleled and pleasant driving experience.

Voice Cloud Voyage
Instant Guidance

No more stopping for directions, losing your way or ending up in traffic jams while driving. Intelligent cloud can conduct online search and send the detailed routes into the car; make instant analysis on road conditions and timely adjust the most appropriate routes for you.

Voice Cloud Entertainment.
For Instant Infotainment.

Now entertainment follows wherever you go. Voice Cloud Entertainment connects you to your favourite music or videos, important news and weather updates and a host of other necessary information and entertainment.

Intelligent Cloud Communication.
For Instant Communication.

Do a lot more when you drive. One-click navigation, hotel and air ticket booking, road failure rescue and other driving service, voice calling at any time through intelligent voice identification, voice call broadcast for both convenience and driving safety -now experience endless possibilities with Intelligent Cloud Communication.

Remote Cloud Housekeeper
Instant Service

Remote diagnosis and failure warning function: It carries your mobile terminals, instantly grasps vehicle status information, and achieves remote diagnosis of vehicles; makes rolling analysis on vehicle conditions by cloud, and instantly pushes the failure risks and maintenance service to mobile phones.